Updated EBGD Guidelines CRPS type I 2014

The Evidence Based Guidelines Development (EBGD) Guidelines on Complex Regional Pain Syndrome type I (CRPS-I) dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of CRPS-I are online. These guidelines were drawn up by a large number of Dutch medical practitioners in association with the Netherlands Institute for Healthcare Improvement (CBO) and adopted by the relevant scientific professional associations. Our patients association was also involved in drafting the guidelines.

The EBGD Guidelines on CRPS-I have been written to give practitioners more clarity in dealing with this condition, help them coordinate treatments more smoothly, and give the same information to their patients. The guidelines contain recommendations for practitioners to back up everyday practice.

The guidelines are the outcome of scientific research and opinions of experts, drawing on evidence to reach conclusions and recommendations. The evidence consists principally of articles on scientific studies into CRPS-I, which were assessed for their quality on the basis of EBGD assessment forms. Articles of moderate or poor quality were excluded.

The guidelines do not have the force of law, but contain sound scientific ideas and recommendations that have broad support and should be used by practitioners in order to provide good care.

The guidelines in English are not in full text. Each chapter has just an introduction, conclusions, other considerations and recommendations.

CRPS Patient Society
I.L. Thomassen-Hilgersom, MSc chair

Read/download the updated and compact EBDG Guidelines CRPS type I 2014, practitioners version (PDF file).

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